Cathay Pacific (CX734) Singapore to Hong Kong – Business Class Review

One thing to keep in mind if you’re using the Dnata Lounge in Singapore is that there’s no boarding call, so if you’re traveling with Cathay, you just have to keep an eye on the time so that you don’t enjoy yourself too much and miss your flight.

Although I was by no means late – it take me by a little bit of a surprise how long it took from the Dnata Lounge to the gate – but given that I had the fortune of traveling business class – it meant that I didn’t have to queue and I was bum on seat in an instant. Although the seats for Cathay short haul business class isn’t their herringbone structure, you do still get a fair about of leg room (especially when I’m an amazing height of 170cm with what I’d consider as short legs!).

Bloke was taller, because I can’t even reach the wall with my feet

The flight departed on time and frankly it was very comfortable – the staff were also excellent and attentive on this flight, which is a big big plus. Meal service started not soon after takeoff and the entree was Cathay’s typical duck – I only had a little bit of it because there was mango next to it – the attendant apologised constantly for not having anything else, although honestly – I didn’t mind.

Delicious – but can’t eat mango

Main followed soon after and if you’re wondering what Cathay does consistently well about their in-flight meals – it has to be their fish courses. The curry fish was delicious and thankfully not salty at all (love that!) The rice was a little drier than normal (although I like a firmer texture) and went well with the rice.

One of the better in flight meals – Cathay does fish well

When desserts came round, I really wasn’t feeling it because I was already dreading another week without Ms. Buddha, so I tried to distract myself with a just random shows and movies before touchdown – apart from my moodiness, the flight itself was very enjoyable and had the usual Cathay consistency.

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