Singapore Airlines (SG875) Hong Kong to Singapore – Business Class Review

After all the photos and galleries that I showed Ms.Buddha after my lonely trip – Ms. Buddha got upset about all the great food I consumed and insisted that we go together – so tickets were booked and we were off!

Instead of flying our usual Cathay, to add a bit more novety in my perspective (since that I am going again quite soon after my last trip) – I used LifeMiles and booked ourselves on Singapore Airlines instead. The great thing about Singapore Airlines is that they also have a lounge at Hong Kong Airport – which is a refreshing change from the usual Cathay offering.

Dining area
Sitting room – ample space

The Lounge isn’t large by any means but seating was ample and overall quite comfortable, in terms of the food offerings, it had the usual dim sums that you’d expect from a Lounge in Hong Kong. Although they were a little salty and didn’t taste as great as Cathay’s lounges.

Slightly disappointing dim sums

You do get boarding calls with this, but the gate was a bit further away from the lounge, so we made our way to the lounge earlier while I played with a little kid on the way – boarding had already started by the time we arrived and we queued at the Business queue, which was brisk – when we got on, we were welcomed by 2-2-2 seats which looked like large recliners – the ambience was a little “yellow” for my taste though.

Comfy leather seats!

And similar to Cathay – there was plenty of leg room available.

Hairy legs that can’t reach the end (FYI – I have short legs)

What I do appreciate a lot more compared to Cathay Business’s 2-2-2 seats is that the side storage was deep enough to eat up a tablet.

So deep my tablet can barely be seen

Because Ms. Buddha and I have both heard good things about the book a chef service on Singapore Airlines – we made sure we ordered our meals – which frankly looks like everyone does! The entree however was a nice serving of fruits – which tasted fresh and not icy! (A plus!)

Nice start to the morning – excellent fruit

Next came our meals – because Hainanese Chicken is one of my favourite dishes, I went with the Hainanese Chicken which was arranged in a little Aztec pyramid. The rice was delicious – although the chicken was just ever so slightly dry – unfortunate but by flight standards – still very good!

Delicious given that we’re so high up

Ms. Buddha however went for the abalone and chicken – which very unfortunately was waaay too salty – to the point where she had to scrap off the sauce before eating. She did not finish the chicken and just had the vegetables.

Apparently waaay too salty

Service was incredibly attentive (to the point that it was a little strange) – but I’ve heard that it’s the Singapore Airline way of doing things. The flight was smooth and we were landing into Singapore before we knew it. Compared to Cathay – I personally think that Singapore Airline staff has a bit more of a personality.

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