Yang Lin (don’t go) and Sungei Road Laksa (do go!) – Singapore – Food Review

Shortly after our flight, we got a transfer to Intercontinental Singapore (more on that later) – and after waiting forever for a very confused gentleman to find his credit card (and his brain) – we finally got checked in and decided that we wanted a bit of food.

Ms. Buddha is a huge fan of Laksa, so Sungei Road Laksa was the order of the day and we caught an Uber there – which almost always requires no waiting time in Singapore. Because I remember the size of the laksa at Sungei was on the small size, I decide to have oyster omelet at the Berseh Food Centre close to Sungei as well.


We roamed around and found a place called Yang Lin and ordered – the wait was quite long and although that normally means that the chef is taking his time to make the dish great – this was not the case.

Did not know the disappointment waiting for us…

When the food came – Ms. Buddha and I was frankly expecting too much – the egg was by far too overcooked and the oysters were tasteless – a real disappointment ☹

Just disappointing…

After the disappointing dish, I pointed at Sungei and Ms. Buddha was ready! It was about 2pm when we got there and Ms. Buddha was shocked to see a queue – I acted like an expert and told her that’s how it is. Whilst we waited, Ms. Buddha inspected the old master at work.

Master at work – only saw him make about 10 bowls…

One thing about the storefront at Sungei is you can’t spot the price easily – and Ms. Buddha kept asking “How do you know how much it is?” (It’s 3 SGD)

“How much is it!?”

We ordered the only thing that was available and made our way to a free table – the laksa continues to be delicious and more than compensate for the disappointment that is Yang Lin. Once again, I cannot get enough of the blood clams!!

Still just as good as the first time!

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