Intercontinental Singapore – Premier Suite – Review

The last visit to Singapore, I tried out the Grant Hyatt Singapore and was quite impressed, so when I was planning for the trip with Ms. Buddha, I wanted to try something new and being an IHG  Platinum Ambassador member, I thought that Intercontinental Singapore would be a decent idea – especially when the property had gone under refurbishment recently.

80 Middle Rd, Singapore 188966

I booked the Club Heritage King and got upgraded to the Premier Suite – when we arrived, the Ambassador check-in packed and I didn’t want to waste time at the club lounge (because I was eager to have laksa) – so instead we just checked in at the regular desk – the girl checking us in was fantastic.

Peranankan details everywhere

The room itself was big for just 2 people looking to have a weekend away and furnishing had a Peranakan touch to it – personally, I like it a lot compared to the Grand Hyatt. The only drawback was the singular sink (because Ms. Buddha loves it!) but otherwise, the space is very comfortable.

Bathroom area
Peeka-boo – hands!
Comfy sofas!

One of the things I have found consistently great about Intercontinental Properties is their beds, something about them just screams “you’ll love sleeping on me!” – and the IC Singapore was no different!

Super comfy bed!

One last touch that I know Ambassador members are familiar with is you get a little distinct gift when you stay at IC Properties, and with IC Singapore, you get a neat little IWG tea which imitates the look of the IC itself – kinda cute!

IC Ambassador gifts – tea and fruit!

Overall – the IC Singapore compared to the Grand Hyatt was better – mainly because there’s an element of personal touch to the place – in addition to that, the club lounge is always pretty amazing! (More on that soon!)

Back entrance into the shopping mall

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