Obaanoie (おばぁの家), Yakiniku Restaurant, Okinawa – Review

As I said before, the meat in Okinawa is apparently (and proven) to be pretty darn good, and after becoming addicted the night before, we decided to look for more and found a shop that was near the Ritz but didn’t look as touristy as the large ones where we’ve seen tour buses in front of – I introduce Obaanoie (おばぁの家)

Use phone code 01 980 54 3090

To park, you actually need to park across the main road, and by accident, we drove into the side streets looking very lost and the staff must’ve noticed because by the time we parked and walked over – the girl was already at the front door greeting us.

Walk down the path when you see the flags
The front door (with Ms. Buddha in the way)

The shops décor is actually really cute! From what I can see, all seats are floor seating only and you’re greeted with a mini grill when you sit down.

There is an English menu (just ask) and frankly, everything looked excellent.

In the end, we made our selection and obviously I asked for some tongue, tofu and kimchi. To start off, the tofu had a really deep soy taste, but the texture is very different from regular tofu – in fact, the texture was a little like a mochi.

The tongue was excellent since that it was very nicely marbled along with the texture of tongue that I love so much!

Tasty tofu and excellent tongue!

The next thing that came was the rice with raw egg – it came with some nori slices and a dash of wasabi which you mix into the rice – and my gosh! It was out of this world! You always see in Japanese movies and anime that people just mix raw eggs and rice – and nowhere in the world do you have something so delicious yet so simple than in Japan purely because of the quality of the raw ingredients.

The best things in life are simple

Along with the rice also came some short ribs and they were truly great – once again, the marbling was excellent but even though there was a lot of fat, the flavour in the flesh comes out very strongly.

We were also given a side of ice – which the girl was kind enough to tell me that I can use it on the grill if it was overheating.

Ice for the grill

With our bellies very filled – we made our way back to the car park where there’s also an excellent view of the beach.


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