Beauty of Valencia, Spain – Roam Experience – Photo (and Street Art) Gallery

When people talk about visiting Spain, the first place that comes into mind is normally Barcelona and Madrid, but it’s because sea side city of Valencia is the 3rd biggest city of Spain that makes it especially attractive for travelers like Ms. Buddha and I who wants to find somewhere a little less crowded to explore and enjoy.

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The city

When you arrive into Valencia, you’d notice almost immediately that there are much less people than Barcelona – the people are generally more relaxed and slower pace to it. The city is peppered with classical buildings and because of the amazing weather you get here – it’s almost impossible to get a bad photo.

City of Arts and Science

To contrast with the classical styling of the city, there is the Arts and Science city in Valencia – the building itself is beautify and houses multiple museums – you can actually rent peddle boats and rowing boards to enjoy the water a bit (or attempt to as some fathers attempt to keep their boards afloat.

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Street Art Galore

For those who loves a bit of Street Art searching, Valencia was one of the more diverse locations during the trip – pretty much everywhere in the city we found artists who have left their mark.


With such a beautiful backdrop – there were multiple times during our roam where Ms. Buddha and I were just mesmerised by the beauty of the city – hope you enjoy our best picks!


Smoke before dinner
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Waiting for…

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Remembering Prince…



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