Restaurant Riff, Valencia, Spain – Food Review

When it comes to traveling, one thing that takes top priority on my checklist is food – the reason is that through food, you get a much deeper understanding of the city and because Ms. Buddha and I hadn’t had a fancy dinner for a while – we decided to go to one of the best restaurant in the city – Restaurant Riff.

The place itself is not overly big (like most fine dining places around the world) – and you can find parking on the street or one of the independent carparks around the corner that was manned by a cute little old man.

Once inside the restaurant – I immediately liked the vibe purely because the staff were wearing T-shirts and sneakers and just gave the relaxing but refined feel that I loved so much! We were presented with menus (which we went for the degustation) and the enormous wine menu (which I just asked the staff to select a bottle).


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Before the meal even started, we got something to start our palette going! Then came the first dish which was a store baked crisp with a thinly cut slice of lard – and wow! I fell in love with the melt in your mouth texture of the lard straight away – the slightly roasted sesame added an additional level to the dish.

Something to activate our palette
Cracker with Lard

Next came two small dishes that included fried greens with salmon roe and fried nori with sea urchin – both had textures that I really like and deep fried greens is something that I always love because the frying process dries up the ingredients and allows the flavours to come out more.


As the dishes came, so did the bread – and unlike a lot of restaurants where you get sourdough, the bread here was a softer texture and went well with the local olive oil that they used – as far as bread goes – it was made to perfection given that the crust was still a little crunchy. We got to enjoy our bread as the next few dishes came.


Next dish blew Ms. Buddha’s mind as she is a lover of Oysters – and it was oysters cooked in a light seafood broth with rose petals – the flavour was amazing and Ms. Buddha looked incredibly satisfied.


If the Oysters blew Ms. Buddha’s mind – the one that came after was my favourite – it was white asparagus with fungi cooked with a light cream sauce. I’m someone that generally likes meat dishes but the aroma of the fungi paired perfectly with the lightness of the asparagus – the cheese replaced what would have typically been salt – perfect.

White asparagus with fungi

As I said – great restaurants also allows you to experience the culture – and it was particularly evident when Ms. Buddha and I noticed a pair of customers who represented the notion that “age does not matter in love” while the next few excellent dishes arrived.


As I said – meat is what I live for, and the next dish was a veal dish that represented the high quality of the meat in Spain that you can get – cooked simply with just a dash of sauce – the meat was very tender and just melted in your mouth even though it was lean.


By the time desserts started rolling out – to be honest, due to jet lag and also the wine (and the fact that it was almost 11pm – Ms. Buddha and I were slightly dozing off a little – none the less – the cherry chocolate brulee and the crispy orange brownie were excellent!


Restaurant Riff is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Valencia and after being here – I completely understand why – the place creates the perfect balance of Spanish friendly service with truly excellent food.



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