Museo Nacional del Prado – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

Last post I mentioned one of the Triangle of Art in Madrid, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the other most popular one with tourists is the Museo Del Prado.

Regarded by many as the main Spanish National Museum located in the middle of Madrid and known to have one of the best collection of European art in the world and also home to a lot of Francisco Goya‘s works – regarded as one of the most important Spanish artist during the 18th and 19th century.

Building from the outside

For those who have internet access on the phone while traveling and instead of queuing up at the entrance, buy the tickets on your phone through the website and you can enter through the express lane. We felt a bit bad because there was a lovely gentlemen offered a shady spot to us in the line and I didn’t know how to offer to buy the tickets for him so he didn’t have to wait.

Tickets in hand!

A word of warning, similar to the Sofia, you’re not meant to take photos – which is good in the sense that you’re encouraged to just experience the art itself, but bad because it limits the ability to offer people a chance to see things without traveling – that said, I did manage some photos – I hope you enjoy the highlights and I really loved the sculptures!

For those who can visit it and loves a bit of arts and culture, make sure you set a lot of time out for it, because the place is massive – but you won’t be disappointed!

Madrid was amazing in the sense that the amount of arts and culture here continues to amaze me – the visit to del Prado was definitely the perfect end to our Spain adventure and we will definitely be back to geek out more!


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