Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

Apart from food, one of the things that makes me want to travel is the chance to go to museums and experience art that you’d otherwise not be able to see in real life elsewhere. Madrid is one city that is excellent for that because of the huge collection they have spread across the Golden Triangle of Art, one part of that triangle is the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

One thing about the Reina Sofía that added extra appeal to me is that it is also home to the Pablo Picasso’s piece – Guernica, the master’s depiction of Nazi’s destruction of a village by the same name and also a piece of work I did a thorough study on during high school. Photos are not allowed of this specific painting so for those who haven’t seen it – here’s an example courtesy of – it is definitely a key piece for the museum.

An interpretive banner was also shown elsewhere in the museum that was named “minutes before Guernica” – which added an additional depth to the pains of war.

Minutes before Guernica

The Museum Space

Firstly, the museum is massive and deserving of it’s place as part of the Triangle of Art – the building is gorgeous and it was calming and beautiful to just have a roam around in.

The artworks

Now onto the main attractions, the art! The pieces on display and the variety were truly incredible – from old masters like Picasso to one of my favourite – Dali – there’s something for everyone – here are some of my favourite pieces from my roam!


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