Royal Palace of Aranjuez – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

The Spanish empire at one stage in history was one of the wealthiest and biggest empire in Europe during the 1700s – and with wealth comes extravagance that would otherwise puzzle a commoner like Ms. Buddha and I, that said, it is always a little fun to experience what great lengths wealthy families would go to in order to display their wealth – the Royal Palace of Aranjuez is one of those examples.

Firstly, the initial impression that most people would have of the palace is that is it massive – and what is surprising is that this entire property was only used during a short time of the year by the King of Spain – the rest of the time – the place is unused – talk about a waste of resources! That said – it is pretty amazing to just be next to (spot Ms. Buddha on the photo for size reference).


The inside was a bit more difficult to take pictures (sorry for the blurs) – because photos weren’t exactly allowed and they had security in all the rooms – that said, you can tell just from a few photos that every room had its own theme and design.

The palace itself is actually quite tranquil and in my opinion worth the visit even if it’s just for your mouth to drop open and see how much excess there was back then – but to me – I’m just happy if I can grow old with Ms. Buddha like the couple we saw there.


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