Nanjing Sidewalk Snack Booth (南京大排檔) – Zifeng Tower, Nanjing – Food Review

The common misconception about Chinese food is that there’s one common type – but in reality because of the vast coverage that China has from a land mass perspective, the food from each region actually differs quite a bit. When Ms. Buddha and I were in Nanjing, given the shortness of the trip – one place to try out a variety of specialties is at a chain called the Nanjing Sidewalk Snack Booth – one was located where the Intercontinental Nanjing was.

The shop has a very distinct design and you honestly cannot miss it!

Once inside, it actually feels like you’ve been teleported to another place, Ms. Buddha and I found like slightly tacky, but it was oddly nice as well.

Feels like another world

One prior warning before you go – don’t expect to try out everything, because the menu is properly massive – it actually takes a while even to flip through it!

Flip, Flip, Flip…..

In the end, we went for some regional favourites – the first thing that came was some duck dumplings – the dumplings are slightly different from soup dumplings in the sense that the meat to soup ratio had a bias to the meat side, making the dumpling a bit firmer, the meat had a nice juiciness to it as well!

Xiao Long Bao

Next things that came were some dried tofu sheets and peanuts – the dried tofu sheets were very tasty and had a nice dose of spiciness to it – although it had even more heat to it. For the peanuts, I loved the texture as whilst marinated, it kept its firmness – that said, it was waaay too sweet for my taste buds.

For a bit of carbs, we went for sticky rice with stewed pork – the shape was very appetizing and it was packed very firmly. The taste and texture was really nice especially the pork – although because pork bellies already had a fair amount of fat – the oiliness was a bit too much for Ms. Buddha and I.

Sticky rice with pork

The last dish that we went for (and by then we were very very full) was “salted duck” which is duck that has been blanched in salt that firms up the flesh and tasted great!

Salted duck

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