Shiziqiao Food Street (獅子橋) – Roam Experience – Food Review

After our experience at the Lao Men Dong (老門東), Ms. Buddha and I were craving for another night market experience – and after researching a bit, a place where a lot of locals go to is the “Lion Bridge” Food Street – which was about 30 mins walk from the hotel.

Because we wanted to burn a few calories, and on the way – I spotted a pretty darn cool bike!

Hello Kitty moves into transportation…

You’ll know you’re there when you see the gate – we were also pleased that the place wasn’t incredibly packed!

In addition to being known for the street food – in between foods, there were also little bits and pieces that were available for sale – Ms. Buddha found toys from her childhood.

Turns out they’re pretty cool toys

As we walked, the smell of smelly tofu struck me and I was on a mission to find it, normally an impatient person, I was oddly delighted to see a queue waiting to be fed. The place seems to be run by a papa and son team where the son does the frying and the dad does the final touch.

The wait was about 10 mins and it was absolutely worth it! The stinky tofu had a much better flavour to it than the ones at Lao Men Dong, and the chilliness had a good punch to it as well! The chef made sure he fills each individual one with a good dose of sauce.

Excellent stinky tofu!

Next thing we tried was another Nanjing is Duck intestines, Ms. Buddha and I were oddly mesmerized by the cooking style.

The intestines are skewered and are sold by volumes of about 30-40 skewers – it sounds like a lot but it’s nothing shared between two people – the shop we went to had a yellow sign and if you ask for chilli – the “chef” goes nuts with the chilli powder (I like!)

Now comes to the novelty of the place – when you get your skewers – first of all, it comes in a “bunch”!

A “bunch” of intestines!

The flavour is very light and to be honest, you’re actually eating the chilli powder than the intestines – the texture is very nice though – kind of crunchy – the “fun” part is that as you eat, you place the skewer in the totem!

Totem of skewers

I was a bit full already because we had a bit of food at the hotel lounge – but Ms. Buddha was craving for a little more sweet and as always, she went for a crepe – and given her love of crepes – she finished it all with a smile on her face!

Ms. Buddha loved it!


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