Cathay Pacific (CX500 – HKG to NRT) – Business Class – Flight Review

A fair few months back, Ms. Buddha had a business trip to our favourite country Japan – so I did what everyone would and decided to book myself on a flight and meet her close to the end of her trip and make it a weekend. Taking a half day, I arrived at the airport at a little after lunch and checked myself into The Wing Lounge for a bit of lunch – as always the dim sums and dan dan noodles are quite delicious.

The Lounge was quite packed during my time there and The Wing is not normally my Cathay Lounge of choice – but it was right outside the gate – so what can you do! Boarding was soon happening and I was comfortably in my seat and menu in hand in no time!

Oh, and of course, once you’re settled in, you’re offered the welcome drink!

A now very familiar view…

With flights to Japan, given that it’s a ~4hr flight, Cathay offers a drink service as well which is always something I quite enjoy while I get myself settled in. One of the things that I’ve recently started doing whilst flying is watching less film but instead reading more.

Almost always the G&T

About an hour into the flight – food service started and I went for the miso chicken, for starters they offered the smoked salmon – which was thankfully not too salty. The main itself was frankly a little disappointing because the miso was way too salty!

By the end of the meal – it was only a short little read more before we arrived into Tokyo – which is a place that I just smile whenever I arrive.


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