Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Breakfast Day 1 – Review

A lot of my travels revolves around trying out new food and experiencing what various places has to offer. And one of the greatest things about visiting Japan is that they tend to treat their breakfast very seriously, especially when you’re visiting ryokan and resort style accommodations.

On our recent stay at Garden Terrace Nagasaki, breakfast was included and we had the choice of Japanese style, Western Style or Eggs Benedict – I’m actually not sure why Eggs Benedict weren’t part of the “Western Style” but Ms Buddha and I decided that since that we’re eating a lot! We should go for something a little lighter for breakfast, so we went for the Japanese style.

Breakfast is served in another building which was very close to the Ocean suites, so it was quite nice to get outside in the morning chill where the air fresh! We were guided to our table which took advantage of the fantastic view.

View 3
View overlooking the property
View of the ocean suites

There is a level of refinement about the whole place, although the service of the staff for meals were a little more formal than I’d prefer, but all were very professional.

Table setting

We were offered juice or coffee, Ms Buddha went for the juice while I asked for a double espresso – which they asked whether I wanted it before the meal or not. Apparently they don’t normally drink coffee before breakfast – but given that I don’t normally even have breakfast, I asked for the coffee to come before.

Not soon after, the breakfast set came and I was not disappointed.

From top left (clockwise): Soft poached eggs; grilled fish and fish cakes; fried tofu; beef brisket with potato; miso soup; seaweed; pickled vegs; nato beans; rice; whitebait; marinated roe; sprouts

From the picture, it might not look like a “light” meal at all, but the great thing about Japanese breakfast is that they then to use a lot less oil and fat when doing the cooking, so the dishes end up tasting very light. Moreover, even though there are a lot of variety, each one is just a bite portion.

The fish was grilled very well in that the flesh was very fresh tasting but still had the texture that is firm but not dry. Another highlight of this set was the beef and the potato, one thing that is critical for me when having potato is that I like them firm – and these ones soaked in the flavour thoroughly without losing its firmness – great compliments to the beef.

As always, Nato beans were fantastic with rice along with the marinated roe, which as I get older, I’m beginning to like more and more, these ones seems to have a bit of sake used during the marination process which added a level of sweetness that was fantastic!

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