Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Breakfast Day 3 – Review

Overlooking the city and also the roof of our superb suite at the Garden Terrace Nagasaki, it does make me very grateful about everything that I’ve been lucky enough to experience – many tends to say that they worked hard or they achieved everything themselves, but I’m of the opinion that even when you’re willing to work hard, a lot of things are still dependent on the spin result of the life lottery – there are plenty of people who are willing and have worked multiple times harder than us and because of a bad spin, would never get to experience as much – the notion of “Just work harder and save” doesn’t exactly work for everyone.

On our last morning at the Garden Terrace Nagasaki, we had selected the same breakfast as Day 1 and Day 2 for the Japanese style – while the food was being prepared, I watched the view and thought about how lucky we were.

Truly stunning view

When you select the Japanese option, most places tends to try and add a bit of variety by using changing up a few dishes while maintaining the staples – today was no different.

From top left (Clockwise): Soft poached egg; grilled fish and fish cakes; tea; fried tofu; poached vegetable; miso soup; seaweed; nato; pickled sides; rice; whitebait; marinated roe and sprouts

The ingredients were fresh and the grilled fish was once again done very nicely, I like a good fish skin and crispy ones gets extra points. I was however a bit disappointed by the poached vegetable in that the flavour was a little odd and the leaves felt a little stringy – but that could be just my ignorance. Once again, without fail the service was impeccable.

We finished our meal and then went back to our room to pack the rest of our luggage up – the great thing was that the staff drove the cart over to pick us up so that we didn’t have to drag our luggage up to the reception building!

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