Grand Hyatt – Club Lounge – Review

When it comes to Hotels – one of the little things that I’m beginning to appreciate more and more is the access to Lounges – the reason for that is that it provides a very comfortable refuge from the touristy side of things where you can just focus on work while not having to worry about getting fed and also feeling that you’re wasting a restaurant’s capacity to turn over a table – and the Lounge at the Grand Hyatt Singapore is one of the better ones I’ve been to.

Comfortable wooden theme

The lounge itself followed the theme of the rest of the property with the wooden simplistic theme – very comfortable – the first night that I arrived, I had already planned that I was going to have Yakitori – so decided to just have a quick bite and a drink before heading out – the food available was just sweets and nibbles.

Savory snacks
For the sweet tooth
Even more sweets

The other thing about lounges is the availability of breakfast – and the one at Grand Hyatt is by far the better selection available I’ve had – there’s a good selection of fruits; hot dishes and also an egg station – which cooked eggs to order!

Hot food bar
Eggs station
Breakkie day 1
Breakkie day 2

If you’re a fan of alcohol (which I am – and evidently a LOT of guests are) – Lounges also often has Happy Hours which is normally starts about 5:30/6:00 and lasts for about 2 hours – during that time, hot food is often available along with just free alcohol – and during my couple of nights there – I made extensive use of it. It turns out a lot of people had the same plan in mind given that there were several last groups of people who seem to have overindulged – and one “gentleman” who wanted to impress the lady he is with how easy it is for him to make money and how excellent he was…

Food wise though, the offering was quite excellent, in particular the mini burgers that were available!

Can you spot the “Mr. Fantastic moneybags”?
Mini burgers + Black Mirror + Writing = perfect

The Lounge does not offer the same view as say the Intercontinental Bangkok – but in terms of the quality of the food and the ambience, it is up there and probably one of my more favourites – especially when I managed to get a lot of work done!


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